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Sustainability + Made of Sundays - Made of Sundays

Sustainability + Made of Sundays

Awesome, you have found your way to the most important page in our whole store (and yes, we really mean it). Please try to keep your eyes open, we’ll promise to be super on point and keep this really short.

Now, we’re going to start by being really honest here: we, as a family and as a company, understand that the ongoing climate change will be one of the most dramatic events to ever face the human kind (and the rest of the biosphere). We also know that (almost) everything is happening thanks to us humans and our behaviour. We’re not going to list all the super shitty things that are about to happen as a result of a changing climate, plastic pollution and collapsing ecosystems because you can google all that up if you wish. But we will say here that we have a small kid at home, and we very very (very) much wish him to have a future on this planet of ours, and thus we care.

So here’s the million dollar question: how can we pull of a moral rant against people consuming unnecessary thingies while at the same time completely depend on you to buy OUR thingies? Because we would really love to save the planet but at the same time we also love not to starve. This is a question that keeps us up at night, and to somehow make amends with ourselves we hereby pledge the following things:

1. Donate a part of proceeds to protection of forests

We have chosen to donate 3% our net proceeds to the Finnish Natural Heritage Foundation, that acquires forests in Finland and converts them into protected areas. By doing this we hope to at least partly balance our own use of wood as raw material. Our goal is also to grow the amount we are able to donate in the future. 

2. Only use materials that don’t suck

Here we really try to do our best. Since the beginning we have promised to get rid of vinyl in our wall decals. This we promised because soft vinyl is an all around shitty material that continues to be shit from the moment it’s produced to the moment it’s (not) recycled (because you can’t recycle it). It took ages for us to find the material for our paper wall decals, but now we finally have it and could not be happier.

Besides looking very carefully at our wall decal materials, we also try our very best to use as little material in production and packing. Our printer wastes basically nothing, and the solvent free latex colors are loads better for everyone than their solvent based smelly cousins. The packing materials are mostly cardboard and paper, and what plastic we use is cellophane which you can put in the compost bin (better to make a ball out of it first though, so it gets more air mixed in there to speed up the process). And yes, we know that all these materials are waste too (we are not just trying to greenwash here), but we really pinky promise to do our best here with the least amount possible. Which leads us to the third and final point:

3. Do as much as possible with as little as possible

This is more abstract; but basically the idea here is that we’ll sleep better if we know that you just decorated a full wall with 3 sheets of wall decals instead of three full rolls of wallpaper or a 10 litre pot of paint. The holiest of our missions is to offer you an easy and fast alternative to decorating while still being as kind to the planet as possible.

The same also applies to us and everything we do: we promise to always act as decent human beings and do all things in a way which hopefully does not lead to a turtle getting strangled by a plastic straw (you know, just to end on a positive note). That’s why we also sincerely hope that you correctly recycle all our packaging material after you have received your lovely package. 🙂 

Hugs and love,
Team Made of Sundays

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