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✨ Save 20% on all Adventuring Animals✨

Custom Wallpaper

Prix d'origine 24.00 € - Prix d'origine 136.00 €
Prix d'origine
24.00 €
24.00 € - 136.00 €
Prix actuel 24.00 €
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🇫🇷 Expédition gratuite pour toute commande supérieure à 60€.

Play around with colors and design your very own amazing peel & stick wallpaper: 

  1. Select your preferred pattern
  2. Combine your favourite colors
  3. Optional: add a border to your design to create a fun half wall

Our plastic-free wall sticker paper has the fabulous feel of traditional wallpaper and a satin finish that's smoother than a dolphin's backside. Please do note that, similar to traditional wallpaper, the seams between panels may be visible. 

To maintain an accurate colour consistency, we recommend you measure your wall and order enough panels at once. Colours can vary slightly from batch to batch due to pigment changes or printer maintenance. Measure 1-2 cm extra for both ends of the wall.

Peel & Stick

Forget about messy adhesives or cleaning up afterwards. Just plan, peel and stick!

Striped Half Wall, Peel & Stick - Made of Sundays

Safe for Kids rooms

Our peel and stick wallpaper is made of FCS-certified clay-coated paper and printed with Greenguard certified inks.

Make it uniquely yours

Create your own great designs by mixing and matching different wallpapers, strips and borders.

Mix & Match to create your own designs

Mix & Match to create your own designs

With our easy-to-use peel & stick wallpaper you can create your own fun half walls in no time. A clear modular system allows you to easily combine bigger wallpaper panels with different edges for a completely unique look. Installing is easy peasy lemon squeezy:

  1. Measure and plan your design
  2. Start by attaching the bigger panels
  3. Finish by adding a scalloped or striped edge on top
Design your own Wallpaper